Monthly Archives: August 2016

Elderberry Harvest

We picked elderberries yesterday. These things are very easy to pick, as they produce in large clusters of berries that one just cuts off with a nippers.

Then the fun begins. The berries are very small – about BB size – and they are scraped off the clusters with a fork. And while wearing rubber gloves, because everything they touch is immediately stained purple. We still have a few stems to pick out yet.


Now what? Three recipes to try – elderberry liqueur, elderberry jelly, and elderberry syrup.


You get what you pay for

We recently purchased a used honey extractor. This is a large stainless steel tub (20 inches in diameter) about 3 feet tall with a spigot at the bottom. Honey frames are inserted around a centrifuge-like device in the center of the tub, and then spun rapidly by hand through a gear mechanism at the top.

This device was used to extract our most recent batch of honey. On the last frame, it stopped.

We opened up the gear box and found the worm gear had disintegrated. IMG_5238

No luck finding replacement parts online. This thing was apparently made in Italy. The product label is in Italian, and (after translating by Google Translate) roughly says:

Made by (the equivalent of) Sears Italy
Of really good stainless steel
Here are the detailed specs on the steel

Not much help.

So, back to the drawing board.