Monthly Archives: January 2017

The Bees Survived

The bees made it through our latest cold spell. We had 5º weather a few days ago, and were below freezing for several days. Since it warmed up to 68º they were out foraging for food.

Bees form a cluster and surround the queen, keeping her warm and the hive at around 90º inside by shivering their wing muscles. This takes a lot of energy and they use the stored honey to keep going in the winter.

We will also put out some commercial pollen  for them to eat while it is warm for a couple days. Purchased pollen comes in long patties and looks a lot like taffy candy.

It’s Cold here in the South


This is ice from the pond Monday morning. The temp got down to 5º Sunday night after about an inch or so of snow and sleet on Saturday.

We have started to warm back up, and the forecast is for mid-60ºs by Friday before cooling back down.

The heaters in the greenhouse could not keep up so we supplemented them with a kerosene heater. Everything seems to have survived just fine.