Monthly Archives: April 2017

Appleseed Weekend

Here is our class of Project Appleseed students and instructors from this weekend’s marksmanship class. We had a superb session. Of the 21 students, all improved a lot, with four earning a Rifleman’s patch, equivalent of a World War II Army expert qualification. Beautiful but warm weather on Saturday, then dropping 30° by Sunday with heavy rain. 

Opening the bee hive

Here is a video showing opening one of our bee hives. You can see honey and capped pollen. The bees have moved higher in the frames than we expected, which may indicate queen issues. The bees seem to be healthy.

We expected more capped honey than is shown. That may mean the nectar didn’t flow as early as last year. By this time in 2016 we took 10 pounds of honey out of this hive. This year so far – none.