Turtle Stew

Snapping Turtle

We found this snapping turtle by the garden this morning on the way to feed the dogs. He (she?) is about 14” long and was aggressive, snapping his jaws at us. I picked him up by the sides of the shell between his feet and carried him way out into the woods. All the while he was scratching and struggling, and trying to pee on me. He had a lot of pee.

Here is what I found out later with an internet search; carry them by the tail, and stay away from the head! They eat fish and frogs, so we want to keep them away from the pond.

If he comes back to our pond he’s going to become turtle stew. More internet instructions for cooked turtle: whack him on the head, pull his head back with pilers, and cut his throat. Flip him over, cut off the feet, then split down the middle. Soak the meat overnight in salt water, then boil for 90 minutes. Fry quickly with onions.

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